Frequently Asked Questions

What types of units are available to rent and what is the pricing? We have expandable travel trailers, regular travel trailers and Class C Motor Homes. The price information can be found by clicking on the type of RV you are interested in and filling in the "check pricing and availability" fields.

Is mileage included in the rental rates? No, there are no miles included with the Rental of a motorhome. There is a .31 cent per mile charge for motorhomes. Expandables and travel trailers have no charge for mileage; mileage is unlimited.

Is there a minimum rental period? There is a 3 night minimum for all units.

How do I get insurance?

For expandables and travel trailers we provide collision and comprehensive insurance with a $1000 deductible. You are responsible for the deductible per occurrence. The insurance does not cover Loss of use or our administrative expenses incurred processing a damage claim. We do NOT provide liability insurance on the unit. You provide the liability insurance through the insurance policy that covers your towing vehicle. You should notify your insurance agent of your intention to haul the unit and be advised by them that your liability and property damage insurance covers risk of loss to the unit and your risk of liability for injury or damage to others and their property.

For Motorhomes there are two options. (1) The renter may choose to purchase rental coverage through MBA insurance for a daily rate based on the value of the RV being rented (approximately $23 - $35 per day ). (2) As an alternative, the renter may provide Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals Inc. with a binder or an endorsement from their personal auto insurance carrier that meets the requirements stated in the terms and conditions. Insurance is needed on Motorhomes regardless of whether the unit is being delivered or not.  After you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email which includes an explanation on how to get insurance on motorhomes.

What deposit is required to reserve a rental unit? A security deposit of $250 is required at reservation for expandables and travel trailers. A security deposit of $500 is required at reservation for motorhomes. The security deposit holds your reservation, and is refundable about 2 weeks after your return provided all charges for the rental have been paid for. If you cancel you reservation, the security deposit is forfeited and NOT refundable.

Are there any other charges I may incur? The State of Wisconsin assesses an additional 5% rental tax on rentals. You will have to pay for extra mileage if you go over the estimated mileage originally paid for when renting a Motor Home. Fees will be added for fuel if not returned full, tanks not dumped, smoking detected, violation of pet addendum, unit not cleaned on the inside and the outside, damages, and late returns. Other fees may include any optional equipment you decide to rent or purchase (such as hitch rental, awning use, LP refill, fresh water tank fill, returning a unit late, etc.)

Do you charge for generator use? Our prices include the use of the generator on motorhomes, unless the motorhome is delivered to a specific location (please see Delivery for more info on generator use when a unit is delivered). We do not rent generators for towables, but we do have sources we can refer you too. RSC Equipment rents generators and they are located 2 minutes from Happy Trails.

If I rent or buy a generator what type of generator should I get? A 3500 watt generator is needed to provide power to your RV for lights, AC, microwave, outlets, and more. A 2000 watt generator is efficient for lights and emergency backup.

Do the motor homes come with TV/DVD and stereo? Yes, all Motor Homes come with a color TV and stereo.  Some units may have a DVD player, but not all.  You may bring your own DVD player and we will attempt to help you hook it up (no guarantees on whether your DVD player will work).

Are awnings available? Yes. Electric Awning usage is included in the rental price for motorhomes. On towables awnings are available for a flat $20 awning usage charge. Happy Trails found it necessary to implement this charge on towables as awnings were coming back damaged, or dirty or wet, and we had to roll them out, clean them off, and let them dry out for a bit before putting them away again. Awnings are not available on fold downs.

Can accessories be rented? Yes, we have a variety of optional equipment such as, hitch rental, flat 4 or 7 way plug, and more. See our optional equipment page for more information.

What do you accept for payment on the rental unit? Payments can be made by cash, cashiers check, travelers check, money order, personal check, and major credit cards. Checks are NOT accepted less then 14 days prior to your departure date.

Are pets allowed? We prefer no pets for the courtesy of the next renters who may have sensitivity issues. We do have a pet addendum for renters who absolutely need to take their pet with them. Restrictions and additional charges will apply to all renters who are granted permission to travel with their pet. The pet addendum must be signed by all renters indicating whether they are traveling with or without a pet.

Is smoking allowed? No smoking is allowed in the units.

Is there a special driver’s license needed to operate a Motorhome? All drivers must be 25 years of age or older for driving or towing all units. A current valid driver’s license is all that is needed to drive or pull any of our units (motorhomes & towables). Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals can run a drivers license check on each driver to verify that all drivers are valid with no extensive adverse driving record. Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals, Inc. does reserve the right to refuse to rent to anyone that does not have a valid driver's license, has an extensive driving record, or is not at least 25 years of age.

Is it easy to drive a Motorhome? Yes, class C Motorhomes handle like a large SUV or a truck. A test drive is offered for all motorhomes and towables at pick-up so that you may see how the unit handles. You may take the test drive, or decline the test drive and have one of our agents give you some driving tips.

What is the gas mileage on Motor Homes? You can expect 8 to 10 miles per gallon. Consumption depends on your speed, terrain, winds, and weight.

How many people can ride in a rental unit? Seat belts are required in Motorhomes and we do not recommend exceeding the capacity as posted in the actual unit. No one is allowed to ride in towables.

Can we tow anything behind a Motor Home? NO!  ANY TYPE OF TOWING IS NOT ALLOWED.

Can we travel out of the states? Travel to Canada is allowed. Travel to Mexico is prohibited.

Can I park my vehicle at you rental site while I travel? Yes, at your own risk.

Can I rent an RV in the winter? Yes, (except for Dec. 1st - March 1st; a this time we do NOT rent units during these dates).  Depending on the weather and when freezing is expected to occur, the units are winterized and limited on the use of the facilities in cold weather. If traveling to warm weather the unit will need to be de-winterized and then re-winterized when returned at a minimal charge to the renter. See our Winter Operation page for more information on winter RV operation.

What if the unit breaks down? You will be reimbursed for necessary repairs not caused by misuse, carelessness, or negligence of the renter directly or indirectly. Repairs over $100 must have prior approval.  Please ask to see our Vacation Saver Policy, which applies to every rental for more detailed information.

What if I am in an accident? You must exchange names and insurance information and notify Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals, Inc. within 24 hours of the accident and make a full report in writing along with obtaining a police report.

Do I get a refund for early return? No refunds for late pickups or early returns.

What if I need to cancel my reservation? The deposit is non-refundable. Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals will allow you to use the deposit towards another booking before the end of the current season (depending on availability).