* Please note, a few of these Terms and Conditions are changed for EAA. These changes are detailed on the EAA Event Page * 

UNITS CANNOT BE TAKEN TO MEXICO. Units may be taken to Canada.

  1. Security Deposit: A Security Deposit is required to guarantee a reservation on all RV rentals. The Security Deposit is refundable upon the return of the unit provided all charges for The Rental have been paid for. If the Renter owes Kunes Country Destination RV for anything at the end of The Rental, then the security deposit is debited for the charges owed. Upon Cancellation the Security Deposit is forfeited and NOT refundable. Upon cancellation, under certain circumstances, Kunes Country Destination RV may allow you to use the deposit towards any unit and time frame when available until the end of the season. The amount of the Security Deposit for units is: Motorhomes: $500; Travel Trailers and Expandables (Towables): $250

  1. The person named on the Reservation Application must have a valid major credit card, a picture identification and MUST be the one to pick-up the unit and sign the Rental Agreement.
  2. All Renters MUST possess a valid driver's license and be present at time of pick-up.
  3. All drivers must be a minimum age of 25 years at the time of the rental, and all drivers must possess valid drivers’ licenses. Valid international drivers’ licenses are accepted. All drivers must be present at the time of pick-up.

  1. Pick-Up times: Between 1pm and 4pm. Early pick-up available for an additional charge.
  2. Return times: Between 9:00am and 11am. Late return available for an additional charge.
  3. Late charges are automatically applied starting after 11:00am. Late Charges are $50/hr. NO RETURNS AFTER HOURS.

  1. Delivery is available. Delivery rates are based on a mileage, fuel price & time formula. Call for a Delivery estimate.
  2. The rental total must be paid in full before the delivery. A Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals Representative MUST meet you at a designated time at the delivery location to conduct a walk-thru and to have you sign the rental agreement.
  3. Generator Use (Motorhomes Only): You have 3 options. (1) Refill the fuel tank, so that it is full when we retrieve the unit. OR (2) Be charged $3 per hour for generator use. Hourly generator use is measured via the generator’s meter. OR (3) Purchase the Fuel Refill Package. For a $25 service fee + the fuel cost, we will refill the fuel.
  4. Dumping & Cleaning: You are responsible for having the inside of the unit cleaned & the tanks dumped before retrieval. This can easily be done by (1) calling a dumping service (such as Pit Stop Portables 920-979-7785) to arrange a dumping. Average cost is $40. OR, (2) purchase an option package from us where we dump the unit for you.

  1. Full payment is due at pick-up. If full payment is made at pick-up, then it may only be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover).
  2. MOTORHOMES: Estimated mileage payment is due at the same time as full payment. The renter is credited or debited for additional mileage upon return.
  3. Kunes Country Destination RV accepts cash, certified check, money order, credit cards, personal checks if 14 days prior to departure. Personal checks are NOT accepted less than 14 days prior to departure.

  1. Upon Cancellation the Security Deposit is forfeited and NOT refundable. Under certain circumstances Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals may allow you to use the deposit towards any unit and time frame when available until the end of the season.

INSURANCE: It is the Renter’s responsibility to secure the proper insurance coverage.
  1. MOTORHOME RENTALS: The renter must have full coverage on the vehicle before it leaves Kunes Country Destination RV’ lot. Two options:
    1. Choice 1: Check with your auto insurance dealer and see if they will extend coverage. If they do:
      1. Provide Kunes Country Destination RV with a binder or endorsement that extends to Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals coverage for the vehicle from the Renter’s personal policy. The binder or endorsement should name Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals, as an additional insured, loss payee, or certificate holder. The binder should also provide PRIMARY, liability, comprehensive and collision insurance for the vehicle value. The vehicle must actually be listed on the binder or endorsement. After a reservation is made, Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals will provide you a form to give to your insurance agent which details these requirements.  You are responsible for the $1000 per occurrence deductible.
      2. Each authorized driver must provide proof of insurance for the rental. NOTE: A Certificate or a copy of a Declarations Page, or insurance card is not sufficient.
    2. Choice 2: If the renter’s insurance will not extend to the rental vehicle, the renter will be required to purchase full coverage insurance directly through MBA Insurance at
  2. TOWABLE RENTALS: We provide collision and comprehensive insurance on the Vehicle with a $1,000 deductible. You are responsible for the deductible per occurrence. This insurance does not cover loss of use or our administrative costs incurred processing a claim. We do NOT provide liability insurance coverage on the Vehicle. You agree to provide liability insurance coverage on the Vehicle through the insurance policy that covers your towing vehicle. You should notify your insurance agent of your intention to haul the Vehicle, and you should be advised by your Agent that your liability and property damage insurance covers risk of loss to the Vehicle and your risk of liability for injury or damage to others or their property.

  1. All vehicles towing a travel trailer or expandable must have an electronic brake control system (EBS). If you do not have one on your vehicle you must have one installed. For installation information of an (EBS) you may call Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals 920-231-0100. Please call at least two weeks before your departure date to make an appointment.
  2. When the renter brings in the vehicle they are towing a towable with, we will inspect the vehicle’s wiring and hitch equipment to ensure these things work properly and meet the industry standards. If either the vehicle’s wiring or hitch equipment does not work properly or meet the industry standards, then the wiring or hitch equipment must be corrected at the customer's cost so that it works properly or meets industry standards before leaving Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals lot with the towable unit.

  1. The Vehicle must be returned with both the inside and outside clean. If the Vehicle is returned substantially less clean than when received, then a cleaning fee of up to $125 for the exterior and $225 for the interior will be charged.
  2. Units requiring special cleaning, e.g. fumigations, undercarriage pressure washing, etc., may be subject to an additional charge.
  3. Units must be returned with both the black water and gray water tanks empty, or a dumping fee of $65 will be charged.
  4. For an additional fee Option Packages are available which provide that Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals clean and dump the unit.

  1. All of the unit’s gasoline and propane tanks are released full and must be returned full. If they are not there is a $25 service fee plus the cost of the fuel. All fuel consumption is at the Renter’s Expense.
  2. No warranties are made regarding fuel tank capacity or fuel mileage. We assume no liability for fuel consumption rates.

SMOKERS: We enforce a strict NO SMOKING policy. There is a minimum $500.00 fumigation fee for rentals having evidence of smoking inside. 

 We prefer no pets, but for renters who absolutely must take a pet with them we do have a pet policy and additional charges apply. All renters must sign the pet addendum. 

 Towing anything behind any unit type is PROHIBITED.  There are locks on the receivers and renters will be charged if these are removed or tampered with.

AWNING USE: Awning use is included on Motorhomes. Towable Awning use is available for $20. The awnings are tied shut and if the ties are tampered with then the renter will be charged $50 for using the awning without authorization. 

 The reservation confirms rental dates, time, and a general vehicle type range. We cannot guarantee a specific vehicle will be available. Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals reserves the right to substitute the unit reserved if the unit is caused to be unavailable. If Kunes Country Destination RV Rentals must substitute a unit which is below the vehicle type range reserved, then we will make a price adjustment. 


  1. Hand controls which allow persons without use of their legs and feet to drive motorhomes are available in certain motorhomes. A customer requesting hand controls must provide us with 30 days prior notice, so that the hand controls maybe installed on the rental vehicle. An additional fee for the installation of hand controls maybe applied.
  2. Renters are responsible for any parking, toll or towing ticket received for the unit during the Renter’s rental term. An administrative fee of $50 per violation or the maximum allowed by law will be levied for any unpaid nonmoving parking violation attributed to the unit during the Renter’s rental term. Renters will also reimburse us for any charges paid on their behalf.
  3. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Additional terms and conditions maybe in the Rental Agreement.